How does NerdApp compare to Best Buy’s Geek Squad?

The on-demand tech support landscape is growing which means more options for individuals to access a wide range of IT and tech support in more convenient, affordable and flexible ways.

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Let's compare Geek Squad and NerdApp by looking at each in a bit more detail.

In the USA, Geek Squad is a well-known name with more than 25 years of experience in the consumer tech support space. Since being acquired by Best Buy in 2002, the business model is mainly focused on product support, giving Best Buy customers a range of support and protection for their newly purchased or even older tech products from laptops to home security systems.
In contrast NerdApp is a more advanced platform that has Nerds available all over the US. They assist both businesses and individuals with a wide range of IT support that is more akin to an on-demand virtual IT Department than a tech support team. Although NerdApp does offer on-site hardware support and installations they can also offer product and tech systems support, it also has the capability to offer the full spectrum of IT support services needed by small and larger businesses enabling users to handpick their own teams based on their specific skillsets.

How do both companies assign technicians?

Depending on what services you need – whether that’s IT support, electronics repairs and setups, smart home setups, appliance repairs or car electronics – you will be directed to the correct department. Geek Squad agents don’t have an official vetting or verification process for agents and they are often regulated by region, which means the service levels can vary from area to area.
NerdApp will use AI to match customers with a verified Nerd based on your requirements or if you’re a subscriber, you will have access to the Advanced Nerd Search feature where you can search for an IT support technician with a specific skillset.
Nerds on the platform go through 8-step onboarding process which includes soft and hard skills assessment with the onboarding team, security and privacy training and are KYC and the platform uses AI facial recognition and ID verification.

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