Join our Partner Program today

Earn a sign up bonus for every new customer who clicks your link, signs up and verifies their email address.

You will earn % on every transaction your partnered account spends which will be paid directly to your bank.

Your new customers will be added to your partner screen so you can keep tabs on your earnings and users.

Who can benefit from the Partner Program?

Activated (current) Nerds:
Share your profile link and customers will automatically be associated to your partner account, when they sign up. You will be paid directly into your connected bank account for sign ups and all other transactions.

New Nerds:
Sign up and complete the onboarding process. Once you have been activated, you will automatically be enabled for the Partner Program and will earn off your link shares from day one.

Anyone else:
Sign up and verify your email address, then click your profile drop-down, select Partner Program. Follow the onboarding process to connect your bank account for pay-outs and once completed, you will be activated so you can start earning

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