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Examples of recent support requests

Diyor My pc won’t turn on. It’s on the loading screen. I tried to install new ram but I might have switched something
Adam I have accidentally deleted all my outlook email files and can’t access my outlook account anymore.
Sandra Mouse and keyboard not functioning after reset
Ursula My PC is performing very slowly despite no reported/detected issues.
Chris My built in camera suddenly stopped working. When I look for the camera, I receive error code 0xA00F4244
Phil I can hear the computer fan working on my desktop computer, the mains light is on but nothing on the screen for about 25 to 30 minutes.
Natalie My son did something to my computer and not I am unable to open up Microsoft word or any files for that matter.
Evan We have an external hard drive we’d like to store big files on to keep the pc hd uncluttered
Tim I can’t get my sky/yahoo emails to configure with Outlook on my laptop.
Joanne I have a reconditioned iMac and need help setting it up
Frank The Camera in my HP all in one PC will not turn on. I have already reinstalled new drivers and that did not solve the problem.
Rose Something is blocking the access of apps/ games to the internet connection
Tim My Toshiba external hard drive is not showing up on my computer . It is also running really slow now when I have been able to access it.
Olivia We have a Xerox VersaLink B405 printer/scanner but we cannot get the scan function to connect.
Francisco My new PC keeps restarting usually while playing a game or exiting a game. CPU and GPU temps show that they are not overheating.
Flavio I cannot activate my outlook with a new email address... It comes up with error code 0x0.
Ben Printer won't print. During troubleshooting, I get a spooler error. I have stopped and restarted the spooler, installed drivers and related software.
Michael My PC has given me a lot of trouble so I have bought a new unit and need to move all my data to the new one.
Becky Adding an extra inbox to my Outlook :)
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