Refund Policy

As a platform provider, Nerdapp relies on this refund Policy to ensure customer satisfaction with every service purchased.

Our refund policy for Nerdapp services is as follows:

Customers requesting a refund will be required to work directly with Nerdapp customer service. Customers may request a refund up to 24 hours days after the date of the customer's purchase.

If a customer requests a refund and it is approved by Nerdapp, the money for the requested transaction is refunded back to the customer, in part or whole, depending on the circumstance. If the customer account has been closed, they will not be eligible for refund.

If a service request has not been completed by the nerd, the customer generally receives a full refund.

If the customer has received any benefit from the service prior to the refund request, there will be a partial refund only. In such cases, Nerdapp reserves the right to issue a refund for less than the full purchase price, and in most cases 50%.

Our nerds are not permitted to make any guarantee that conflicts with our refund policy. If you find a nerd undertaking any warranty that conflicts with our return policy, please bring it to our attention so that we may take corrective action.

The following reasons may allow a refund

  1. A nerd did not attend the call and ultimately did not provide the service to the customer
  2. A nerd attended the call and did not resolve the problem that was specified in the requested booking information
  3. For any other reason Nerdapp deems fit
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