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Providing a world class scalable customer and technical support solution with a global network of vetted IT specialists and a secure, proprietary cloud-based platform.

Partner models available for for B2B2C and B2B2B

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Why use NerdApp?

Fast Response Times
You’re never left waiting in support queues or for tickets to be raised
Global Trusted Provider
We’re trusted by countless businesses in countries across the world
Instant Remote Support
Friendly, expert IT support from our worldwide service desk
Seamless Integration
Automate your membership with our API endpoints
Compliance & Security
We’re GDPR and PCI compliant and have full liability insurance

HomePro for Enterprises

24/7 premium tech support subscription for home users. This is offered to partner managed consumers as an added service to their subscription programs or as an add-on where NerdApp fulfils on-site and remote tech support requirements. Increase revenue and enable seamless access for your members. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

WorkPro for Enterprises

Providing partners with 24/7 premium tech support subscription for business users and SMEs. NerdApp fulfils on-site and remote tech support requirements for businesses, increase revenue and enabling seamless access for your users around the world.


Fully automated IT support on-demand
No call centres, we have real local Nerds
24/7 remote support anywhere in the world
On-site available across the UK and US
Easy to implement, connect via APIs
Customised Management Reporting
Secure tools for remote support

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