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The NerdApp Business portal is on its way!

Kelvin Wetherill - Uploaded on August 06, 2021

The NerdApp Business portal is on its way! Businesses will now be able to:

Book favourite Nerds ad-hoc or recurring

  • This is perfect if you want a Nerd once or twice a week to help your staff for a few hours at a set time, or ad-hoc.
  • Another option, is to use Nerd's to do your weekly and monthly IT health checks and verify backups, so they actually get checked!

Add and remove favourite Nerds

  • If you like the Nerd you that you have used, rate them 5-stars and they will automatically be added to your pool of favourite Nerds.
  • If you are unsure, ask us what Nerds would suite your requirements and we can offer suggestions and add them to your pool.

Invite all your business users and authorise their requests

  • New users can be added as part of your employee onboarding.
  • We can also offer API end points to connect back to your in-house systems

Use on-site and remote support options

  • Let your users have access to our website or app to book Nerds, as and when they need tech support.
  • Your business admin will be notified and approve or decline each request before it gets sent.

View all job information and invoices

  • Now you are able to login to view all the jobs that have been requested and completed, download invoices or have them emailed directly to your accounts department.

Subscription options and credit discounts

  • Pay monthly or buy credit once off and get discounted rates based on spend
  • If there is a custom requirement, talk to us and if it works for your business and ours, we will build it.

We can’t wait to launch our business portal, we will keep you updated on the release. Any questions on this, please fill out our contact form.

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