Connecting people through technology, solving problems and creating jobs!

More people are working from home and need tech support, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic where technicians are busy!

NerdApp connects anyone who needs IT support to Nerds, by the hour, on-demand, similar to Uber.

Connecting people who need tech support with locals in their area who can provide the service (with ratings) while earning a great income.

We aim to boost employment and local economies and offer a great opportunity for people to use our platform with no sign up or monthly costs.

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On-Site Support
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Note: Although nerds are in your country, you may live too far away from them for onsite jobs. Remote support will always be available to you


Technology is in our lives more now, than ever before! We spend most of the day on our mobile phones and computers, we are now wearing tech and using it in our homes and day to day lives on almost every front. From video doorbells, to apps for almost everything you can think of, people know that technology is making life more convenient and integrated.

The world’s first global tech support app connecting you with someone who can help with your tech issues.

NerdApp also provides tech support people with a business solution app in the palm of their hand, like Uber and Deliveroo, enabling Nerds to provide their services seamlessly and get paid per hour!

The NerdApp team has extensive experience in software platforms, integrations, product requirements, infrastructure, software dev, business analytics, business management, and most importantly tech support.

Meet the Team

Kelvin Wetherill

Founder and CEO
Kelvin has over 20 years tech experience building software, global telecoms solutions and businesses.

Darren Strydom

Darren has developed Web and Mobile Apps for more than 16 years, delivering exceptional algorithms, API intergation and excellent team management.

Caitlin McGregor

Marketing Manager
After completing her BBA in brand building and management and gaining startup experience, Cailtin's focus is driving customer acquisition.

Dale French

Mobile App Developer
Dale is a mobile dev guru with loads of experience on many platforms. With an eye for detail, he brings the Apps to life.

Jonathan Wetherill

Customer Support Manager
With a passion for Tech, Jono is an all rounder, from development skills to tech support, gaming, smart devices and what he does best, customer service.
Tech Support On-Demand

NerdApp provides home users with verified home tech support people in their area to setup or fix a tech problem with their computers, mobile devices, Smart TV's, and tablets etc.

Just book a Nerd and they will come out to see you at your convenience or help remotely!

The Right People for the Job

We take care in vetting every Nerd.  Safety is our highest priority. 

You can also call a nerd out to a coffee shop to assist you.

Our Nerds are also rated and reviewed so that you get the best person for the job!

Become a Freelance Tech

Sign up as a freelance Nerd! NerdApp provides you with a business in your pocket, bringing you customers and taking care of all the admin and payments.

All you need to do is look after your customer and let us do the rest. Part time or full time, its your choice!

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