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IT support for computers, laptops, mobile phones, WiFi, smart TV’s and more

Do I need Remote or On-site support?

If your IT problem can be solved without a Nerd having to be there, such as data transfers, email set ups, Microsoft 365 installations, or similar, we would suggest opting for Remote Support. 

Remote Support is available world-wide and may get your issue solved quickly. 

Our Nerds prefer TeamViewer (linked during booking your Nerd) for Remote Support, and you can also communicate on the job page online. 

Which Nerd is right for the job?

We take care in vetting every Nerd as safety is our highest priority.

Nerds go through an on-boarding process before being activated that includes ID checks, video screening and skills assessments. 

You can save your Favourite Nerds and book them directly if you prefer.

Nerds with top ratings get a time advantage on job requests.

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