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IT support for computers, laptops, mobile phones, WiFi, smart TV’s and more

Do I need remote support or on-site?

If your IT problem can be solved without a nerd having to be there, such as data transfers, email set ups, microsoft 365 installations, we would suggest remote support.

Our Nerds prefer TeamViewer for remote support and you can also communicate on the job page online. 

Which Nerd is right for the job?

We take care in vetting every Nerd as saftey is our highest priority. Nerds go through an on-boarding process before being activated that includes ID checks, video screening and skills assessments. 

Nerds with top ratings get a time advantage on job requests.

Featured Nerds


Hello fellow humans! I'm Leo and I'm here to help you on your tech adventure. Whether something's not right with your devices or if you'd like to strengthen/optimise your skills in a new direction, look no further - your trust matters!


Hello, I have a degree in Business information systems, I've been working as an IT Engineer for 2 years, prior to this role I was working in telecommunications for 4 years. I'm proficient at macOS and Windows OS.


I am a computer enthusiast with good problem solving skills and a calm, team-oriented demeanour. I am an innovator, a troubleshooter and an out-of-the-box thinker. My IT skills are largely self-taught. I have built and advised on dozens of computers for friends and family. I always stay up to date on the latest in tech and cyber security news.


I have 10 years IT and Technical Support experience with PCs, Laptops, Mobiles and Tech devices. I have a great passion for getting things to 'work' and don't give up until I fix the problem


Network engineer with a big passion about every kind of technology. Providing support for about 2O years


I have 10 years of experience working in IT support onsite and remote for different clients around the world and certified in Computers System Administration, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and ITIL foundation.

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