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Book a Nerd online from your mobile, tablet or computer. NerdApp provides users with IT support services for computers, mobile phones, Wifi, internet, email, backups, printers, software applications, tech lessons and more.

You can get support within minutes or schedule a convenient time.

Remote work is growing, and work hours are no longer limited to 9 to 5. Employees are distributed, having limited access to IT support. Users and businesses can get 24/7 on demand direct access to our IT specialists.

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How it works

NerdApp provides you with on-demand IT support for any tech problems at the click of a button.

  1. Click "Book Your Nerd"
  2. Select the service type
  3. Select on-site support or remote support
  4. Schedule a convenient time
  5. Describe your problem
  6. Click the "Book Now" button

Book Your Nerd

We have Nerds in your area to help you right now!

Business End-user IT Support

Outsource your end user IT support by using NerdApp. Build a team of favourite Nerds to service your users on-demand and authorise their support requests as part of the process.

Your team will have direct access to our IT specialists for any IT issues or requirements.

Add your users and branch locations worldwide so your workforce can confirm their details and have access to instant IT support in any of our 34 supported countries.

If you have any questions on how NerdApp can help your business, contact us for more information.

Tech Support as a Service

We take care in vetting every Nerd to ensure the highest possible service delivery for your business.

There are no call centres to deal with. We connect you directly to qualified Nerds who are equipped to handle your IT issues.

Pay only for the support you need based on hourly usage with no minimum spend. Fast, efficient and professional IT support where you control the spend.

Pre-purchase support hours at discounted rates or pick a monthly subscription to suit your business.

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